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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Consumer Goods VanSales CRM Solution


In the consumer goods industry, product exposure is critical to increasing market share. As a result, success is driven by the efficiency of van sales and delivery representatives. In fast-moving consumer goods industries such as beverage, tobacco, and snack foods, retail shelves must be stocked with the right products and replenished on a timely basis. For maximum effectiveness, sales retailers must comply with promotion guidelines throughout the life of a promotion. To verify compliance, mobile field representatives must conduct regular audits and assessments of participating outlets. They need to ensure consistent order quality so that shelves are stocked at all times for consumers, and they may also collect competitive information in order to improve product presence.

To be effective in the field, mobile representatives must have the tools to successfully manage the complete interaction with a retail outlet, from conducting basic merchandising activities—including retail audits and assessments—to capturing and fulfilling orders, to managing the invoice and payment process. Mobile representatives must also manage van inventory accurately and efficiently execute each day’s activities. In addition, management needs visibility into this entire process. To ensure the highest levels of customer service and to maximize retail exposure of their products, managers assign activities and accounts to the van sales force at the start of the day and audit van inventory and sales invoice records at the end of the day. By coupling the rich functionality of Siebel Consumer Goods VanSales CRM   solutions with the convenience and familiarity of the Windows-powered platform, Siebel Consumer Goods Sales Handheld delivers the vital information that these mobile professionals need to perform their work more effectively and more profitably. Siebel Consumer Goods Sales Handheld facilitates complete van sales management and retail execution. By enabling efficient store visits and account management, managers can ensure that resources are allocated properly and that store shelves remain stocked.   Siebel Consumer Goods Sales Handheld gives consumer goods companies the tools to capture data and convert it into retail intelligence by tracking orders, managing inventory, and improving overall retail effectiveness and efficiency. This helps these companies achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Siebel Consumer Goods Sales Handheld

Siebel Consumer Goods Sales Handheld offers the rich functionality of Siebel consumer Goods Applications, coupled with the convenience and simplicity of handheld devices. This product gives sales professionals immediate access to critical data anytime and anywhere their business demands. As a key element of a multi-platform Siebel Applications deployment, Siebel Sales Handheld helps sales organizations achieve the goal of seamless customer service and support. Siebel Consumer Goods Sales Handheld empowers sales representatives with comprehensive retail outlet information on a highly portable device. The handheld application supports field responsibilities, such as Merchandising, Pre-Sales and Van Sales/Delivery; it empowers Van Sales Representatives with comprehensive retail outlet and inventory information on a highly portable device. Depending on the business requirements, representatives may conduct retail audits and retail assessments to ensure promotion compliance. The handheld application supports multiple field responsibilities, such as Delivery, and Van Sales. Users may collect and fulfill orders, collect payments, and manage the van inventory.At the end of the day, Sales Handheld users can capture a complete range of retail intelligence data. The handheld also provides sophisticated navigation and print capabilities though the use of buttons. Representatives may print documents such as order reports. At any point in the day, representatives may synchronize using Direct Server Synchronization (DSS) to upload handheld updates and download server updates. The Siebel Hand Held application is optimized for rapid data entry, maximizing Sales Rep efficiency in the store and enabling rapid call times. It mainly covers the following functionalities:

The handheld UI is geared toward User Adoption: Configurable, productive
          Bar-code record locate
        Configurable  printer settings
        Multi-form, multi-quantity
        Print template enhancements
          User controlled batch sync
        Download only
        Upload only
        Upload now
        Full sync
        Time slot views

Its merchandising capabilities Supports changing needs at retail :
Retail Audit
          Instant appraisal of store conditions
          Automatically populates with last audit data, limiting input of redundant data
Merchandising Audit
          Captures qualitative information during a Merchandising Audit
Retail Assessment
          Captures open ended information about retail outlet
          Template is associated to the Assessment at the time of creation

Its Pre-sales activities supports obust order-taking, return authorization in highly mobile environment :
          Ability to Order in multiple units of measure
          Last Order Quantities and Suggested Order Quantities to support recommended ordering
          Authorized Distribution List driven line item population
          Support for bonus quantities, volume discounting, and taxes
          Pre-built printed documentation
          Ability to capture and process return requests
Ability to apply appropriate pricing, taxes, etc. to returns

Siebel consumer goods also supports Direct Store Delivery through the following order to cash functionalities:

          Ability to conduct daily or periodic inventory counts and reconcile physical vs. logical as needed
          Supports multiple inventory statuses (e.g. good or damaged)
          Pre-built Handheld Inventory Reconciliation report
          Ability to view and deliver/invoice orders
          Automatic decrement of available inventory

          Ability to view and receive/credit returns
          Auto-generation of invoices
          Cash or credit based
          Allows for available credit to be checked instantaneously
          Allows single payments against multiple invoices
          Allow multiple payments against a single invoice
          Shows previous payments that have been made against an invoice
          Associate payments to single deposit transactions
          Running totals during the course of the day

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Consumer Goods VanSales CRM Solution

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